About the paintings

Sonia was born in Cornwall, and has moved many times particularly in childhood. These memories constantly resurface through the study of still life. Often explored through a muted colour palette, the juxtaposition of forms and shapes are emphasised with flattened perspective and a naïve distortion of objects. The objects are often 'moved’ around the canvas, leaving traces of their previous existence in the form of embossed and textured shapes, etched lines and patterns. There is a feeling of time, an ebb and flow, which develops in her work.
Colours are initially applied with brushes, palette knives, rags and rollers. Many layers of paint are added, areas are scraped back, lines and marks appear and disappear. A certain 'settling in' of the subject with the surface takes place. Interest in aged, worn and worked surfaces both from interiors and the coastal environment are evident as strong influences. The paintings reflect memories, thoughts and observations of everyday life which are interwoven through each painting.