About the paintings

I love the initial spark and excitement of selecting colours on starting a painting. These may be chosen by my observations, mood and emotion, or thoughts and memory.
Gradually, the subject matter emerges, after expressive and spontaneous marks and colours are applied to the surface. Mark making and textures are often inspired by aged and worn surfaces found in the natural and urban environments. Peeling paint, layers of old wallpaper, are all fascinating to me. There is a feeling of time, and ebb and flow, which develops in my work to a building up, scraping back, adding and removing of paint. A certain 'settling in' of the subject with the surface takes place.
The still life objects and flowers or plants are inspirational for various reasons - sometimes because of their colour, shape or pattern. Often, they are connected to a period in time, or from a particular place or person. They provide me with feelings of reflection and emotion.